Buckeye Guitar Topset

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premium spalted Maple Guitar Topsets

Quilted Maple

The "Titebond" Woodglue

Redwood Burl / Vavona

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Prem. flamed Maple Topsets

Burly Maple

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europ. 5AAAAA flamed Maple Tops

prem. spalted Maple Guitar Tops

Quilted Maple

Flamed Maple

Buckeye Burl

Quilted Maple

Maple Burl

Spalted Maple

Spalted Maple

New range of flamed Maple Neckwoods

Ebenholz / Ebony

premium Buckeye Burl

185 Stck.
eastind. Rosewood fretboard blanks.
All with cites!!

Hawaiien quilted KOA bookmatched Sets !!!
Only 3 Sets!

Some of our new fancy 5AAAAA
Quilted Maple Billets

Just arrived!
Wonderful Ziricote, about 1m³

MACASSAR Ebony - Big Range for sale !!

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